The Parent's Video Playbook: Developing a Gameplan for Maximizing Your Child's Athletic Experience

Help your kids reach their full athletic potential!


Dr Chris Stankovich will help you understand both traditional and contemporary sport issues that kids commonly experience while competing in youth and interscholastic sports, allowing you to help your child have a safe, fun, and meaningful sport experience.  The Parent's Video Playbook is filled with easy-to-understand, professional advice based on Dr. Stankovich's research findings and practical applications working as a professor and researcher in the field of Sport Psychology/Athletic Counseling. 

The Parent's Video Playbook will help you:

  • Understand why kids play - and stop playing - sports
  • Lean the realities of earning college scholarships
  • Decide between specializing or sampling sports
  • Familiarize yourself with today's big sport issues, including sports burnout
  • Help your child develop emotional intelligence and learn invaluable life skills while playing sports
  • Teach your child how to develop self-confidence, minimize anxiety, and ultimately play at his or her highest level
  • Communicate more effectively with the coach, especially about issues like playing time concerns
  • Use sport psychology skills to enhance on-field sport proficiency
  • Understand the athletic identity and impact on human development and growth
  • Prepare and successfully respond to the inevitable sport retirement transition every athlete eventually experiences

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Released 2017
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